Re: [asa] Data doesn't support global warming

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 22:53:53 EST

This will be my fourth post for today. Questions for Rich followed by a response to Bill Powers

Questions for Rich which he has refused to address.

1. Don Winterstein is correct that corrections to observational data are allowed. But with seismic, we have a physical model of the weathering layer and we measure the amount of correction by using check shots. We know that the 'corrections' from the raw to the final temperature record is adding half a degree of additional warming to the US average. I have asked several times for an explanation of what is the physical model for what is cooling today's thermometers so they need to have their readings increased? The explanation must be something that didn't cool the stations in 1900. The link below is a picture from the NOAA site that shows the subtraction of raw from final.

What is causing this Rich.

2. The temperature record is collected by a daily measurement. It is influenced by the nearby air conditioner or other heat source and no one keeps records of when the AC/heat source was on and when it was off. Can you please tell me how the daily temperature record is to be corrected back to T(true)??

Here is some more of the wonderful scientific work of the climatologists who can't seem to even measure the temperature correctly. These come from Anthony Watts gallery

Rich, please explain how this data can be corrected. Remember that 69% of all US stations are like this and the editors are adding heat to the US average.

3. Please explain why Russian government data given to the Dutch meteorological service shows cooling in Siberia, even cooling above the Arctic circle?

4. I showed this early and you didn't respond to it. Please explain why Amundsen Scott south pole base shows no warming. If there is any place on earth that is only affected by thermal radiation blockage, this is the place. Oceans are thousands of miles away, the air is very dry and the only impact on its temperature should be CO2, yet it shows no warming. Please explain why

In fact most of Antarctica shows no warming. Please explain. if all you can do is parrot pictures from the NOAA website, but can't actually explain things yourself, I would suggest that you haven't engaged the data as you should have.

Bill Powers wrote:

>>>I think the difference, at least with regard to global warming, between
the climate data and oil industry data is the dearth of data. When you
are data rich and can readily collect more data, you can afford to
discard data. In the work that I did experiments were extremely
expensive and rare. In such a case, you've got no choice but to try the
make the best of a bad situation.

This suggests a question for experts like Rich and Glenn. Does everyone
acknowledge that the data could be better to support the conclusions, or
is there disagreement about this? Rich appears to think that the data
is "adequate" to reject the null hypothesis (no warming), Glenn
disagrees. Is it possible that they are using a different confidence

I think the data could be better, if they would ensure that the thermometers were not sited near heat sources. Why we can't agree on that I wouldn't know, but my suspicion is that Rich thinks thermometers next to air conditioners is 'adequate' as you say. Here are more stations next to heat sources

Happy Camp California has loads of air conditioners. Rich thinks this is a fine way to collect temperature data. I don't. He is the one who thinks this is ok, don't you Rich?

I always think things can get better and I am willing to recognize when things have failed. Rich thinks air conditioners are really really keen adornments to thermometers, don't you Rich?

I haven't even posted on stations on hot cement, which is also verboten by the siting rules and will cause a similar bias in the thermometer record, but of course, this too is OK by Rich's standards of science, isn't it Rich? Violations of the siting recommendations is nothing to worry about, right? That is what you are saying isn't it?

Here Rich, tell us how accurately this station will determine the temperature.

Or this one from Utah on hot rock with an air conditioner less than 10 m away

Yes, climatologists go to great extremes to ensure that each thermometer is next to a heat source.

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