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From: Dave Wallace <wmdavid.wallace@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 18:36:20 EST
Glenn wrote:
 I don't give a rats rear end about anything but finding the truth. I invest as I believe, not as I want it to be. In fact, everything I do and say is exactly as I believe it to be. I might be wrong--the data will tell me if I am wrong, but I don't do anything for a personal agenda.

This is also my fourth post for today so I will shut up after this. 

My main interest in this discussion is not "winning" but figuring out what the truth is.  Sure in the heat of the moment one wants to win but on a long term basis that is not a rational goal.  I assume the pro AGW side has the same goals?

IMO remedial action that is taken by our governments is likely to have adverse effects on lots of people if we assume AGW is true and it turns out not to be and the inverse.  The only remedial actions that I am comfortable with at this point in time are ones that also help us address the coming shortage of energy and either move us towards use of renewable energy or in some fashion reduce our use of energy through efficiency etc.  In many areas my take is let a thousand flowers bloom ie different approaches and then pick the best ones as trying to guess before hand is close to impossible. 

Like Glenn I have very little invested in the oil and gas industry, my financial adviser places our funds with yearly review with a goal of capital preservation and income.  I have never worked for either the oil or gas industry, oh yes one summer I pumped gas and washed cars.  Of course I worked for IBM and the oil and gas industry buy lots of computing power.

It has been suggested that anti AGW people are all very far right wing.  I happen to find that suggestion very obnoxious.  I don't want to fall afoul of the no politics rule but the party I happen to support would be about the same as if one took the left quarter of the publicans and the right quarter of the crats.  Thus I am hardly extreme right wing.

I happened to notice a study of how people are reacting to some things depending upon their opinion about AGW:

I thought it was interesting that the doubtful and dismissive are trying to do almost as much to reduce their home energy use as the alarmed.  The bubble size is proportionate to the numbers in the various groups.   I assume Rich and Randy would place themselves in the Alarmed category, while I would see my self in the doubtful category and probably Glenn would be there as well although he could be dismissive.

Dave W

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