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From: William Hamilton <willeugenehamilton@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 10:38:32 EST

I have browsed through references supplied by Rich and Randy, and I will
read them in more detail in the next few days. However, let me state a
suspicion I have had for some time: I'm not convinced anyone (in the
conventional climate change community) is considering the potential of
resonance to cause temperature swings to grow with time -- even with very
small excitation. I have put together a simple example using Mathematica,
and the results are posted on my blog: bricolagia.blogspot.com. It's
probably the simplest possible example, and I claim no resemblance to the
earth/sun dynamics. However, it does demonstrate that with an excitation
varying by 0.1 percent of the base value, there is no limit to the size of
the response that can be realized. Although it's very crude (the efforts of
a novice at Mathematica) I will gladly email my Mathematica file to anyone
who asks.

Let me take this opportunity to add my voice to Glenn's: We need a forum in
which we can post charts and graphs.

William E (Bill) Hamilton Jr., Ph.D.
Member American Scientific Affiliation
Austin, TX
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