Re: [asa] Data doesn't support global warming

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 09:28:40 EST

Rich Blinne wrote:

> Glenn you're really making a fool out of yourself.
Maybe a little strong?

> Siberia is not the only arctic country note the following from
> Environment Canada:
> <>
Yes November was unusually warm this year in Ontario although so far
December has been unusually cold. Right now as I write the temperature
is -20 with a expected high of -13C. This is more like January
weather. October's weather seemed a bit cooler than normal.

In any case the global map you showed a few days ago had the warming in
the high arctic. For the high arctic you want stations in the northern
part of Yukon, North West Teritories, Nunuvat and Baffin Island. The
northern most part of Ontario is roughly equivalent to Scotland which is
not the high arctic.

> Meanwhile in Murray's neck of the woods:
> Maximum temperatures averaged over Australia were 2.12C above normal,
> ranking second behind the 2006 record of +2.17C. They were at least
> 2C above normal throughout New South Wales and Victoria, South
> Australia except for the far north, and Tasmania except for the east
> coast, with similar anomalies also occurring along the south coast of
> Western Australia east of Albany, and on the west coast near Carnarvon
> and Broome. In the south-east anomalies were much more extreme, and
> were mostly in the +5-7C range in South Australia south of Port
> Pirie, Victoria away from the coast, and inland New South Wales except
> the far west. Statewide anomalies set records in NSW, Victoria and
> Tasmania, with the first two (+4.99 and +4.92C respectively)
> exceeding the previous largest anomaly recorded for an Australian
> state. Station records were set over an area covering all of Victoria,
> inland New South Wales except the far north-west, the east coast south
> of Sydney, most agricultural areas of South Australia, and
> north-western Tasmania. Records were also set locally around Broome
> and east of Darwin.
Good point although I would like to see what the last quarter does not
just the weather for a month. I think you have criticized me for this
in the past.

Dave W

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