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From: John Walley <>
Date: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 06:18:51 EST

12/17/09 Post #1 "with some of the posts having value, others being simple forwarding of often silly anti-AGW propaganda" I contend this is subjective. What some consider to be propaganda, others consider to be hard science and truth. This comment affirms Ted's observation about entrenched positions. As an observer of this list for years I have seen a multitude of volatile issues discussed and several prominent participants resign such as PVM and David O, and personality induced conflict has been a given throughout. Politics will always surface these differences and there is no modern scientific discussion more intertwined with politics than AGW except for maybe abortion. In fact, if I recall, it was abortion and that was the issue being discussed that David O chose to leave over and his leaving was a great loss to the list. But as reasonable adults, we should be able to discuss the political underpinnings and assumptions that lay beneath the interpetations of this data and that determine our biases and there should be room at the table for various political views, including the traditional evangelical Christian views. Thanks John   ________________________________ From: Allan Harvey <> To: Sent: Wed, December 16, 2009 8:01:09 PM Subject: [asa] List rules? No, this message isn't about the pseudonym issue ...   I'm wondering whatever happened to the rule of a maximum 4 posts per day per person.  One person in particular has been in egregious violation of this on more days than not for several weeks now (with some of the posts having value, others being simple forwarding of often silly anti-AGW propaganda), and I can think of another whose pace is not far behind.  A few others have exceeded the limit on multiple occasions.   Of course we don't want to be overly strict -- some days the discussion is such that a 5th or 6th message might be needed.  I see that even our Executive Director Randy reached 5 on Dec. 7.  But the list is being drowned in messages these days, and the signal-to-noise ratio is not good.  So I ask the powers-that-be: is that still a rule/guideline?  And if so, to preserve some semblance of value for this list would you please do something (presumably starting with warnings) about our more flagrant offenders?   Allan (ASA member)   P.S. The easiest way to spot how much people are posting is the archive pages like this:

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