Re: [asa] Treating Christians as cranks is an act of cultural suicide

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Date: Wed Dec 16 2009 - 16:32:06 EST


This is a knee-jerk article in a reactionary tabloid and best ignored. It is probably worse than the Rapid City Gazette or the Yakima Times

The writer gets a lot of things wrong especially on the Church of England.

If she said some of the intelligentsia she may have been partly right but her sweeping comment is simply silly.

Much of the press is best ignored

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  "To stop the denigration of religion, the Archbishop has called on government ministers to be more willing to talk about their own faith. But since this is seen as the province of cranks, politicians are reluctant to do so because of the risk of public ridicule.

  This well-nigh insuperable difficulty was acknowledged yesterday by Tony Blair in an interview about his religious beliefs. As his former spin doctor Alastair Campbell once famously observed: 'We don't do God.'

  This is because among the intelligentsia, the animosity to religion runs even deeper than the upside-down value system of the multicultural agenda. It springs from the fixed view that reason and religion are in diametrically opposite camps.

  Anyone who prays to God must therefore be anti-reason, anti- science and antifreedom - in other words, an objectionable, obscurantist nutcase."

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