Re: [asa] Climate Progress

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Wed Dec 16 2009 - 14:00:42 EST


I would still prefer the worst of a global dictatorship to an
> alternative of hunanity being wiped out. Humanity might recover from
> the first; not from the second.

And if humanity isn't going to be wiped out? If humanity will experience
threats, maybe even major threats, but still survive?

What's more - exactly why do you care whether or not humanity gets "wiped
out"? You have zero problem "wiping out" most of humanity anyway,
apparently, so long as you consider it necessary. Or for a good cause.

Haha. Right now I have 12 grandchildren, and so I assume there will be
> more than a single great grandchild coming along.

Are you at all aware of the estimated "carbon footprint" and environmental
impact for people born in the west? You've already seen claims that our
"reproduction problem" is being blamed for quite a lot of the environmental
woes. I point out that what you're doing is, by their definition, harming
the earth on a huge individual level - and you laugh it off?

Again: Are you advising them to sterilize themselves?

> Quotes from the Heartland Institute: "Give me liberty or give me death.",
> >I believe the quote goes. "No king but Jesus" goes another, I hear.
> Mark Twain once said it. "The last refuge of a rascal is to wrap
> himself in the flag.."

You altered my lines to have me quoting the Heartland Institute? Which isn't
even the source of either quote?

Worse, you think those quotes are me "wrapping myself in the flag"? Are
those exclusively American sentiments, John?

> If humanity gets wiped out -- who will be around to curse?

I can't reason with you, clearly. You'll embrace quite a lot, so long as the
threat is adequate. But at least you're illustrating the mentality of some
AGW proponents.

Again, depending on what turns the debate takes, your great grandchildren
may not end up cursing the names of who you think they will.

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