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From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Wed Dec 16 2009 - 11:36:11 EST

On 12/13/09, Schwarzwald <> wrote:

> And I say that if the China policy (are you at all aware of what this
> entails?) is the solution, then it's time to wonder if accepting the
> consequences of the problem is preferable. Is any civilization that will
> embrace the "China policy" worth saving? If the next necessary step to
> "avoid destruction of our civilization" becomes building a worldwide version
> of North Korea, will you sign on there too? How about large-scale wiping out
> of developing countries' populations? Just how much institutionalized horror
> can we justify in the name of the good of the state?

I would still prefer the worst of a global dictatorship to an
alternative of hunanity being wiped out. Humanity might recover from
the first; not from the second.
> In the meantime, I trust "great grandchildren" was a typo on your part. More
> than one grandchild? That's excessive, John, and harms our planet, our
> government, and our civilization. As a matter of fact, shouldn't you be
> discouraging your children (plural? tsk) from having children of their own?
> Have you considered sterilization options?

Haha. Right now I have 12 grandchildren, and so I assume there will be
more than a single great grandchild coming along.
> Quotes from the Heartland Institute: "Give me liberty or give me death.",
>I believe the quote goes. "No king but Jesus" goes another, I hear.

Mark Twain once said it. "The last refuge of a rascal is to wrap
himself in the flag.."
> Note that I'm not defending the Heartland, or questioning AGW. But I've said
> it before and I'll say it again: The solution can be worse than the problem.
> And if the solutions are worldwide "one-child" policies, worldwide
> government, and who knows what else, please: I'll stick with the
> destabilization threats. Because I can think of plenty of
> great-grandchildren who would curse the name of current "saviors of
> civilization" should their envisioned changes come to pass.

If humanity gets wiped out -- who will be around to curse?

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