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From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 2009 - 23:22:20 EST

Christine Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> In Glen's latest post, he asked me twice what I thought of comments written by others in response to his skepticism of the instrumental temperature data. Frankly, I'm rather disappointed by my fellow AGW proponents on this list. First they have demanded that the data be engaged, and then they denigrate someone who is very respectfully and intelligently asking questions about specific data points. I can only believe that they have become so frustrated by the debate (because I know they've had it before) that these rather flippant and disrespectful responses are them just letting off some steam.
> In any case, I feel compelled to try and dig more deeply into the data myself. Although I've been well-schooled in the fundamental concepts here, this would be my first foray into the scientifically reviewed journals. I would like to get a short list of the most important journals to look at, so that I can figure out how much all of this would cost me in subscription fees. Letting me know of any other sources of that rigor which I should review would also be helpful.
> Please note that this does not in anyway change my view that AGW is a significant problem. I am simply trying to become better educated on the issue so that I can "engage the data" myself more intelligently in the future. ::sigh:: I am not looking forward to cracking open my stats. textbook again though. :(
> In Christ,
> Christine

Er, so Glenn can write this about me;

"This is certainly not a scientific attitude--it is an attitude of a politician who doesn't really care about truth."

And this despite the fact that I actually took the trouble to look up Glenn's cited blog post, locate the pertinent article, read it, and ask Glenn a couple of polite questions of clarification?

And I'm denigrating Glenn?

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