Re: Refuting Aristotle et al (was Re: [asa] Dawkins on the fossil record)

From: Dennis Venema <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 2009 - 22:06:29 EST


There's only one charade here. You're using a pseudonym (or at least you're not willing to deny that you are). Friends and brothers typically know each other's names. You don't seem willing to share yours; mine is in the open. If you wish to be a " friend and brother" then drop the charade, reveal who you are (or at least, like others on this list), openly tell us if you are using a pseudonym or not. If Gregory Arago really is your true name then fine, we can discuss things more in-depth. Why are you not willing to even address this question? What are you hiding?

I've learned from past experience not to answer your "gotcha", yes-or-no type questions without precise definitions. If you think you've earned my trust enough to answer this one, I've got a bridge you might be interested in.

The point is not that I don't have an answer. The point is that you are not a person I trust to not twist what I say to your polemical ends. In the past you've called me a "Darwinist", "naturalist", claimed I don't believe in anything "special" in the creation of humans, and just now claimed I have some defect in my philosophy - upon which I requested what said defect was, to no reply.

So, you're not exactly on my list of folks I want to discuss issues with in any in-depth way. If you address my questions in the first paragraph ^ then perhaps I'll reconsider.


On 15/12/09 6:28 PM, "Gregory Arago" <> wrote:

Quit this 'Greg' charade, please 'Dennis'.

My name is Greg or Gregory. Afford me the respect as a friend and brother.

Murray wrote: "I already agreed that there must be a first human. / The problem is the definition of "human"."

This is simply what I need Dennis to say: "there must be a first human." For now I simply don't care what 'the definition' is or isn't.

What is Dennis' answer: Yes or no? I'll rest the issue with that.

From: Dennis Venema <>
To: Gregory Arago <>; Murray Hogg <>; ASA <>
Sent: Wed, December 16, 2009 3:01:51 AM
Subject: Re: Refuting Aristotle et al (was Re: [asa] Dawkins on the fossil record)

Hi "Greg",

I see you continue to avoid my questions. Hopefully you'll address this one - what "problem with my philosophy" do you see?


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