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If GW is a judgment on extravagant use of resources then it has to be ex post facto judgment, since there was no way for man to know that burning coal and oil was not a good thing for them until very recently. And even today on this list we are still debating whether CO2 is a good or bad thing for the environment.

Ever since mankind was successful at his quest for fire, it has been generally accepted that the heat energy released from fire for cooking, heat and light has been a good thing and not bad. And when we found we could do it on large scales in more efficient forms and apply it to other uses, then it was even better. This is why I cannot easily buy the judgment argument. It is unnatural and counterintuitive.

It makes God capricious for punishing the innocent and most vulnerable for something that someone else also did innocently possibly hundreds of years before that came natural to them and that helped themselves and others. Its a no win situation like the classic verse from Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues "Look out kid, It's somethin' you did. God knows when but you're doin' it again". This is a major theological red flag for anyone with even the most basic spiritual discernment.

Instead, this sounds to me more like an unintended consequence, like using margarine or saccharin or smoking, while leaving out the judgment aspect implying some divine wrath. It is different from jumping off a high building because man can reasonably be expected to know that that is not so smart. For this to be the equivalent it would have to mean that God is a diabolical trickster and that He gives snakes instead of fish when you ask Him.

And as mentioned before, unless it is targeted at a specific segment of the population like greedy capitalist industrialists, I don't see how this would be a very fair judgment. Especially when it is visited on us wholesale including the poor who didn't have anything to do with it. And all the other examples of judgment we have are a little more judicious. Plus I don't trust the prophets that are heralding this doom and gloom.



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Global warming is a judgement on extravagant use of resources without
attending to side effects, just as crashing on the ground is a
judgement on jumping off of a high building, as opposed to a more
intervention-style judgement (which does happen).

Land bridges represent a complex interplay of sea level and local
tectonic, isostatic, and other events.  The Bering Strait has been
land more than sea in the Cenozoic, despite sea level being relatively
low at present by geologic standards.

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