Re: [asa] Climate Progress

From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 2009 - 18:55:20 EST

I will use up one of my posts today to ask this of my friend Burgy, who it
seems is willing to engage in really bad things in order to 'save the

>If the China policy is the only way to avoid destruction of our
>civilization, then I'd be for it. I think it will not come to that,
>unless the denialists win.In that case the China policy will be way
>down the list on humanity's survival efforts.

So, Burgy would you be for the forced abortion of unwilling women so as to
save the planet? Are you for the denial of normal citizen rights to the
second child, who through no fault of his own is denied basic rights of
citizenship in the People's Republic? That IS China's policy. Do you have
any clue how much the women of China hate that one child policy? Tyrants
rise when people are willing to give up their rights to solve some imagined
problem and I see you doing that. I sincerely hope I read you wrong.

Seems to me you are wanting to play god here and choose who gets to live and
who has to die, which is why I find your side so scarey.

>How many people must die -- painfully -- because of the Heartland

None will. What a foolish statement.

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