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From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 2009 - 18:32:35 EST


What that world would look at politically is as scarey as thinking
> about how it would look at environmentally.

Not for me. Perhaps for you. But then, maybe that's more about deeply
differing values than science.

If the China policy is the only way to avoid destruction of our
> civilization, then I'd be for it. I think it will not come to that,
> unless the denialists win.In that case the China policy will be way
> down the list on humanity's survival efforts.

And I say that if the China policy (are you at all aware of what this
entails?) is the solution, then it's time to wonder if accepting the
consequences of the problem is preferable. Is any civilization that will
embrace the "China policy" worth saving? If the next necessary step to
"avoid destruction of our civilization" becomes building a worldwide version
of North Korea, will you sign on there too? How about large-scale wiping out
of developing countries' populations? Just how much institutionalized horror
can we justify in the name of the good of the state?

In the meantime, I trust "great grandchildren" was a typo on your part. More
than one grandchild? That's excessive, John, and harms our planet, our
government, and our civilization. As a matter of fact, shouldn't you be
discouraging your children (plural? tsk) from having children of their own?
Have you considered sterilization options?

> How many people must die -- painfully -- because of the Heartland
> misinformation? I think the number is already in the tens of
> thousands. Even if the IPCC recommendations are taken seriuosly.

"Give me liberty or give me death.", I believe the quote goes. "No king but
Jesus" goes another, I hear.

Again: If we're at a point where a China-style "one child" policy can be
instantly embraced as a viable solution in the desperate frenzy to "avoid
destruction of our civilization", I question the value of the civilization
to begin with.

Note that I'm not defending the Heartland, or questioning AGW. But I've said
it before and I'll say it again: The solution can be worse than the problem.
And if the solutions are worldwide "one-child" policies, worldwide
government, and who knows what else, please: I'll stick with the
destabilization threats. Because I can think of plenty of
great-grandchildren who would curse the name of current "saviors of
civilization" should their envisioned changes come to pass.

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