Re: [asa] Climate Progress

From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Sun Dec 13 2009 - 18:08:38 EST

On 12/13/09, Michael Roberts <> wrote:
> John
> You describe those nutter organisations fairly. The damage they do is
> immense. I looked at the Heartland Institute site and regretted not bringing
> back a few motion sickness bags when I last flew.
> What makes people come out with such junk and why do people swallow it.
I have no clue -- except that their wish to disbelieve the IPCC
science is so great they must oppose it on dogmatic grounds.
Truthiness -- the search for a "truth" that will support your already
chosen and publically proclaimed position. Cherry-picking. Our friends
at ICR and AIG are good at this. But in their case I am more
sympathetic because, as wrong as they are, they are still fellow

I am aware that Rush Limbaugh claims to be a Christian, as did Janice
when she was around. I find that hard to believe, though I'd like to.
I am unaware of any Heartland, Cato or Marshall pubs that say this;
there may be some. But -- like you -- I have a finite supply of barf

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