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You describe those nutter organisations fairly. The damage they do is
immense. I looked at the Heartland Institute site and regretted not bringing
back a few motion sickness bags when I last flew.

What makes people come out with such junk and why do people swallow it.


The Sunday Times was a bit rude about Sarah Palin on Creationism and GW
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> On 12/12/09, John Walley <> wrote:
>> I think the gratuitous and continued use of the label "denialist" for
>> those
>> that don't affirm your conclusions reveals an arrogance and immaturity in
>> the AGW dogma.
> John:
> The label "denialist" has been used by some of those opposed to the IPCC.
> It is also an accurate descriptor. "Skeptic" once descibed such
> people, and it may well still describe some, but although I read a lot
> of anti-IPCC arguments, none of them (with one or two rare exceptions)
> evince any more credibility than the rantings of ICR and AIG against
> evolution theory.
> I began a study of this issue about a year ago -- I describe myself
> then as a "skeptic" then, for in my then uneducated view there still
> seemed to be about a 5 or 10% probablilty the IPCC had gotten it
> wrong. If pressed, I'd probably still hold to a 5% probability.
> I have never seen any argument from any denialist that they might --
> just might -- be wrong. I conclude that they richly deserve the label.
> Among them are the Heritage Foundation, George Will, The Cato
> Institute, Rush Limbaugh and -- perhaps the sorriest of them all --
> the Heartland Institute. If they win, my great grandchildren,
> struggling to survive in a ruined world, will curse their names.
> I apologize for being blunt. But I reject the characterization
> "gratuitous" in my use of the label, which I intend to continue using.
> I do not intentionally use it to describe skeptics.
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