Re: [asa] vast new gas supplies

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Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 - 18:14:09 EST

Quoting gordon brown <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU>:
> Mountain snow provides more water in the summer and less in the winter
> than would otherwise be the case. This is especially important in the Far
> West of the U.S., where the summer is the dry season, and irrigated crops
> depend on water from snow melt in the Rockies, Cascades, and Sierras.
> One effect of warming is that glaciers are receding, producing more water
> than they are receiving. If they were advancing, the situation would be
> reversed. So whether the glaciers disappear or reappear, we would still
> look forward to less water from that source.
> Gordon Brown (ASA member)

Good point, but there is still a big difference between your savings account
getting bigger (because money is being added to it --which you aren't able to
spend because it is, after all, being saved away), and your bank account getting
smaller because you are spending the money --after which it will be gone and
then you have the double whammy of not having a source, plus knowing that a lot
of investment effort/time now separates you from getting to a point of enjoying
that source again.


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