Re: [asa] Theology of AGW WAS The Climate Science Isn't Settled

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Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 - 16:39:51 EST

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My understanding is that Mr. Gore has given -- and continues to give
-- ALL of the profits from his investments in alternative energy
projects to charity.

Where's the proof? A Google search says he gives all profits to his start
.org. No documentation though. He has an unusually large house that is a
carbon black hole, speedboats, I saw in the papers his daughter or son
wrecked their V-16 sports car on the California coastal highway a few years ago.
Other stories go and on.
I believe he is a hypocrite and does not believe his own preaching because
he himself does not follow the life style he demands for others. Do as I
say and not as I do.

Jack Jackson

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