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Can we please all stop any discussion of other people's, or each other's,
Christianity or lack thereof? Bashing other people, justified or not, is
not a topic for this list. Please go elsewhere for that. On this list, please
stick to the ideas and concepts relating to science and faith without
maligning each other. Remember, the fundamental principle of ASA:
" We are committed to providing an open forum where controversies can be
discussed without fear of unjust condemnation. Legitimate differences of
opinion among Christians who have studied both the Bible and science are
freely expressed within the Affiliation in a context of Christian love and
concern for truth."
The context of Christian love is to be extended to all people and should
be reflected in the tone of all posts.


Sorry to upset you. 'Out of the heart the mouth speaks.' To discern ones
motivation is important. This is not a theology list I know but some the
original statements I responded to were not what I consider factual. Thinking
that all that is stated here is to be swallowed without question is
ridiculous. The left often is fast and loose with the facts and those facts were a
little past my tolerance level. Again, sorry I upset you.
  Jack Jackson

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