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From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Fri Dec 11 2009 - 09:47:33 EST

I have not seen any post by me get back to my mailbox UNLESS someone
replies to it with the same subject line.

Also -- I have been trying for a week to move my ASA list posts to my
email address but although I get an ack from majordomo
there have not been any posts come there.

Computers are great -- particularly when they work.

On 12/9/09, Jack <> wrote:
> What? You should get a post to yourself if you are on the list and you send
> it to the list whether or not anyone replies to it.
> I have not seen any post regarding an article by David. He was on the list
> for a long time, and left not too long ago, and I miss him. I would be
> interested in any article by him, but I have not seen your post regarding
> it.
> I dont know why posts sometimes never seem to make it to the list, but these
> things happen.
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> From: David Clounch
> To: Christine Smith
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> Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 3:22 PM
> Subject: Re: [asa] Test
> I've noticed an original post never is seen by the poster unless someone
> replies to it.
> This si what suprises me about my post on David Opderbeck's article.
> Nobody ever had any comment at all?
> Amazing. I've seen nothing back.
> On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 9:35 AM, Christine Smith
> <> wrote:
> This is a test to see if this makes it to the listserv. My last two
> posts never came through.
> Christine
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