Re: [asa] Alex Rosenberg essay

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Thu Dec 10 2009 - 15:23:49 EST

Heya Doug,

I actually posted this to the list a few days ago, along with some comments
by another philosopher:

No responses, I believe. On the other hand, while I don't think naturalism
is at all true (obviously), I do think Rosenberg is one of the rare
philosophers who happens to face what naturalism really and truly entails
head-on. I think more modern effort by naturalists is put into denying or
obscuring what so clearly follows than defending naturalism itself.

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 1:28 PM, Douglas Hayworth <> wrote:

> Has anyone read and commented on the following essay?
> A non-scientist friend sent it to me for comment.
> My short answer is "Well, that's one philosophical perspective, but it's no
> more legitimate or defensible than any other perspective. It's only his
> choice to view the science as compelling this conclusion. The persuasive
> nature of the essay itself is testimony to the fact that there's more
> that just the science involved."
> Doug

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