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It seems that the NZ data is consistent with the Australian data in
showing global warming. Last week, in response to the email hacking, NIWA
(the NZ government water and atmosphere research organization) published
the raw data indicating something of the order of one degree Celsius
increase over 100 years. Like Murray's, my assessment of the likelihood or
AGW has increased, not decreased, in the past couple of weeks.

> Rich Blinne wrote:
>> There's also an obsession with 1941 which was when the station was
>> probably
>> bombed.
>> So it needed to be moved and therefore corrected.
> There's a rather extensive take on the Darwin station here;
> which includes the following interesting snippet explaining the
> corrections;
> <cite>
> As previously advised, the main temperature station moved to the radar
> station at the newly built Darwin airport in January 1941. The temperature
> station had previously been at the Darwin Post Office in the middle of the
> CBD, on the cliff above the port. Thus, there is a likely factor of
> removal of a slight urban heat island effect from 1941 onwards. However,
> the main factor appears to be a change in screening. The new station
> located at Darwin airport from January 1941 used a standard Stevenson
> screen. However, the previous station at Darwin PO did not have a
> Stevenson screen. Instead, the instrument was mounted on a horizontal
> enclosure without a back or sides. The postmaster had to move it during
> the day so that the direct tropical sun didn't strike it! Obviously, if he
> forgot or was too busy, the temperature readings were a hell of a lot
> hotter than it really was! I am sure that this factor accounts for almost
> the whole of the observed sudden cooling in 1939-41.
> </cite>
> Blessings,
> Murray
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