Re: [asa] RE: Luther Rice Seminary

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Dec 09 2009 - 20:29:11 EST


Thank you very much for sharing some details about your seminary. The top-down approach to inerrancy that you outlined here:

1. God doesn't lie (and commits no error).
2. The Bible is God's Word.
3. Therefore, the Bible has no errors.

Is not at all surprising to me, let alone incomprehensible.

What I'm surprised at is your comment that this was pretty much it--that teaching about this view didn't also include some of the types of difficulties that you've been mentioning. I know many conservative pastors who teach inerrancy, but who are also quite familiar with many problems that inerrancy needs to take into account. They have ways of doing it that satisfies them, at least in many instances, but at least they know about those instances and have thought about them.


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