RE: [asa] New Age Cults and the Georgia Guidestones

From: Jon Tandy <>
Date: Wed Dec 09 2009 - 16:43:26 EST


Please tell me this isn't serious.

Besides the lack of precision between the calculation 361,448 (rounded here
for simplicity) and the speed of light 361,343, I'm wondering about the "366
degrees to an Earth circle" (is a gross approximation of the 365.2424 days
per year?), and the earth's "40,000 km in circumference" (measured at what
point?) ?? (I also wonder what are Kths, but I'm too lazy and uninterested
to look it up.)

I'm also wondering about the change in the earth's rotation over the last 4
billion years, as I understand it the rotation was faster and the days
shorter in the past. Wonder if they took that into account.

Jon Tandy

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Good work on the fine structure constant.
You're probably glad your name isn't connected with this equation that was
just announced.


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