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Hi Gordon, to answer your questions,

I got my Masters in Ministry in 2007. Not sure when it was accredited. Accreditation info here:

About inerrancy, my mind was jogged. In systematic Theology, it was taught that the Bible is inerrant. Justification from logic:

1. God doesn't lie (and commits no error).
2. The Bible is God's Word.
3. Therefore, the Bible has no errors.

That's pretty much it, end of discussion. I also have a missionary Pastor friend (whom I have supported in the past in different ways) who preaches Biblical inerrancy to the uneducated ministers in Africa. Ministry:

In the circle of Christians I ran around with, they thought most highly of Dallas Theological Seminary. That would be a pinnacle for education. I doubt they teach anything different (they also teach literal inerrancy I think)... which apparently Ted finds incomprehensible (that's how I interpret Ted's comments).


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I have some questions for you about Luther Rice Seminary.

A few years ago on this list there was a discussion of the credentials of
Carl Baugh. These were examined in a paper entitled "A Matter of Degree"
by Glen Kuban. Baugh claimed to have received in 1983 a Master of Arts
from Luther Rice in Conjunction with Pacific College of Graduate Studies."
Kuban said, "Luther Rice is an unaccredited seminary in Jacksonville,
Florida." Since that time it has apparently been moved to Georgia and
received accreditation.

When did Luther Rice receive accreditation?

When did you receive your degree from them?

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

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