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It 's classic liberal protestant, like a marsh mallow
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> Thanks for the link, Moorad. If Herring gave those lectures at Stanford in
> 1985, I'm quite sure Dick Bube was not yet retired and given his role as
> department head of materials science and his activities in science and
> religion, there must have been some communication between them at that
> time. But I've never come across anything of the sort. Perhaps Herring's
> "nonjudgmental faith in Jesus Christ" was too far from the ASA statement
> of faith?
> Randy
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>> Thanks Randy for the info. I read the December issue of Physics Today and
>> did not read the obituaries. People can access Herring's obituary at
>> Max Planck said that the honest pursuit of science leads to God.
>> Moorad
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>> The name William Conyers Herring may not mean much to many of you, unless
>> you're into condensed matter physics. He was a colleague of John Bardeen
>> and he started the famous solid-state theoretical physics group at Bell
>> Labs. His obituary is in the current issue of Physics Today. The reason
>> for mentioning him on this list is a brief comment in the last paragraph
>> of that obituary, written by Phil Anderson, Ted Geballe, and Walt
>> Harrison. The middle two sentences of that paragraph are:
>> "Having a deep, nonjudgmental faith in Jesus Christ, he was a lecturer,
>> with nine others, of a science-and-religion series at Stanford in 1985.
>> He thought that theology underlies science because 'science is ultimately
>> based on leaps of intuition and aesthetic perceptions.'"
>> This is the first I was aware of Herring's interest in theology. Has
>> anyone else on this list come across his lectures? Any writings on that
>> topic? Any ideas of what his theology really was? Doesn't sound exactly
>> evangelical to me but I wonder what it was.
>> Randy
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