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Thanks Randy for the info. I read the December issue of Physics Today and did not read the obituaries. People can access Herring's obituary at Max Planck said that the honest pursuit of science leads to God.

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The name William Conyers Herring may not mean much to many of you, unless you're into condensed matter physics. He was a colleague of John Bardeen and he started the famous solid-state theoretical physics group at Bell Labs. His obituary is in the current issue of Physics Today. The reason for mentioning him on this list is a brief comment in the last paragraph of that obituary, written by Phil Anderson, Ted Geballe, and Walt Harrison. The middle two sentences of that paragraph are:

"Having a deep, nonjudgmental faith in Jesus Christ, he was a lecturer, with nine others, of a science-and-religion series at Stanford in 1985. He thought that theology underlies science because 'science is ultimately based on leaps of intuition and aesthetic perceptions.'"

This is the first I was aware of Herring's interest in theology. Has anyone else on this list come across his lectures? Any writings on that topic? Any ideas of what his theology really was? Doesn't sound exactly evangelical to me but I wonder what it was.


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