Re: [asa] Nativity story- genealogy issue?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 17:06:39 EST

From the various questions you've been raising about standard biblical "difficulties," (i.e., interpretive matters that might or might not be difficult to reconcile with "inerrancy"), I am getting the impression that this is the first time you've encountered most or all of them. Is this true?
If the answer is YES, then I'm wondering what sorts of things you learned about the Bible at seminary. Weren't you exposed at all to these kinds of things? Many Christians I know who've never had a seminary education know about some or all of them.
If the answer is NO, if these aren't new to you, then I'm wondering why you are asking about them, in the midst of such apparent surprise on your part--surprise that these questions only just occurred to you. Some of these things have been explored for hundreds of years and there's an extensive literature (esp in the commentaries) dealing with them. You don't seem to realize this, or else you may just be trying to spell out for us one more reason why you aren't a Christian.
Either way, Bernie, I'm genuinely curious: didn't you study any of these issues in seminary?

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