Re: [asa] A greener way to get electricity from natural gas

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 15:19:17 EST

Our philosophy at IBM was simple--the one who pays gets the rights. If we fund the work, we get rights to it. Obviously the inventor and/or their employer own the patent but if the work was funded by someone, that person gets the rights. Almost all universities had no problems with this. UC Berkeley was the only one who tried to buck the trend. So we simply didn't fund much work there.


Rich wrote:
 Randy, when IBM collaborated with universities how were the patent agreements dealt with? Companies aren't charities and I know the company I work for doesn't sponsor such research unless we get some consideration. That's why our CEO, realizing that we still need basic research but no one will sponsor it, was behind the increased funding of basic research in the stimulus package.

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