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From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Mon Dec 07 2009 - 11:50:02 EST

Indeed it does! That's why the focus isn't just not using it, it's a
combination of alternative sources, reducing requirements, and dealing with
the carbon emissions as we use the fuel. The link I posted recently to
Socolow's paper
is very helpful. The last dozen or so charts talk about 8 different avenues
to be pursued.

One interesting point is that today CO2 is being extracted from the ground
in Colorado and piped to Texas where it is injected into the ground to
extract more oil from the wells. Built in the 80's there was no motivation
then to use CO2 emitted from power plants. Now there's a good reason to use
CO2 from fossil fuel sources to do this role rather than taking more CO2 out
of the ground. There seems to be enough storage capacity underground in the
US alone to handle all our CO2 emissions. This carbon sequestering appears
to be technically feasible but would add about 20% to a consumer's energy
bill for electricity generated from such coal-fired power plants.


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> I think the same analysis applies to the fossil fuel based energy
> industry.
> John
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> Bill wrote:
> I would say we could do without the vast
>> amount of most of the telecommunications industry.
> My jaw dropped to the floor. The telecommunications industry has become
> the lifeblood of virtually every industry on this planet. Yes, some of the
> information that is transmitted is useless chatter but the industry itself
> is vital to everyone.
> Randy
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