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That is a great site. Thank you.

It also seems noteworthy that on this list, those who are not convinced of
AGW have not yet engaged with the data. They either haven't provided any
reasons for their view, or have offered subjective perspectives such as not
liking the attitude of AGW advocates or fearing that there might be
connections with New Age philosophies, or simply not trusting the scientists
involved. Many simply persist in expressing their doubts but fail to respond
to any data that are presented. I think it is important that the discussion
focus on the basic scientific methodology. I like having people on both
sides of the issue on this list. That is important for an effective dialog.
But let's see the data! Or hear some substantive arguments. Attitudes and
fears of New Age aren't in that category, important though they may be.


While your qualifiacation "on this list" above is correct, you miss the
efforts of Glenn Morton. Glenn has engaged with the data, as his blog (
themigrantmind.blogspot.com) will attest. Other sites anyone interested in
getting an objective view of the AGW debate are surfacestations.org, which
documents the (frequently poor) condition of surface stations in the US,
CO2science.org, which provides a more even-handed critique than is available
from realclimate, and Nicola Scafetta's web site. Scafetta is not a skeptic
about Global Warming -- he agrees that temperatures have increased ~0.8 deg
C in the past century. But he attributes much of the warming to a stochastic
resonance interaction between the sun's variability and the earth's climate
dynamics. Scafetta has engaged extensively with the data. Scafetta's web
site is http://www.fel.duke.edu/~scafetta/

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