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My rule of thumb on increased life expectancy by cycling is 10 years BUT with road kills by murderous great apes that is reduced by 2 years so increased life expectancy is 8 years.

Joking apart this is in the right order.

It is not always slower as last year I travelled 3 miles in less than 6 minutes, but I was descending from 1300 feet to about 300feet

PS the trouble is when you die you dont stop polluting but continue to do so while your body is burnt or eaten:)
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  There is a fallacy in that argument: the assumption is that you eat more food if you walk to work than if you drive to work.

  Most days I cycle to work (around 6 miles each way) , but on occasion I use the car. I eat the same amount of food either way. If I drove to work each day, I would put on weight, not reduce the amount of CO2 from food production.

  Not that cycling has a zero carbon footprint. More washing is involved, and cycling to work also apparently increases life expectancy significantly. If you live longer, you pollute more. However, I do not know how the figures compare. But clearly the best way not to pollute is to be dead.


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    Here is an interesting tid bit of trivia I found while researching this. Does anyone know if this has any basis to it or not?


    Here's a fun fact for you: If you live within walking distance of work, which do you think would put more CO2 into the atmosphere, driving to work, or walking to work? Contrary to what most would expect, the correct answer is walking to work! The food production that would be necessary to replace the calories that you would burn would put three times as much CO2 into the atmosphere than driving your car the same distance! Thus, if you buy into this global warming stuff, you better not exercise, because you are "causing global warming!!"

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