[asa] Looking After Creation

From: John Walley <john_walley@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Dec 05 2009 - 22:02:26 EST

I will admit I have just read the interview below with Sir John Houghton and I am much more impressed with his Christian witness than that of Al Gore. I could possibly see God raising him up to help us avert future catastrophe. His involvement in the IPCC gives it more credibility in my opinion but I still don't trust Mann and Jones.

I see he also has the paper below on Joseph, Pharaoh, and a Climate Crisis but I haven't read that yet but will shortly.


Looking After Creation
Acclaimed physicist Sir John Houghton discusses his motives and passion for a cooler world climate.
Interview by David Neff| posted 4/01/2006 12:00AM




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