RE: [asa] Josephus, Herod, and Jesus

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri Dec 04 2009 - 19:18:08 EST

For Coope: my report (on Beyer's article) has Herod's eclipse in 1 BC, not 2 BC; Herod died in 1 BC, with Jesus born the previous year according to Beyer. That's consistent with the total lunar eclipse on 10 Jan 1 BC.

For Bernie: It's a lot more complicated than wikipedia indicates (not surprising, given the nature of wikipedia, which is often oversimplified or outright wrong). There were multiple events that could be "the census of Quirinius", not simply the one wikipedia has. Indeed, the 12 BC date for Jesus' birth advanced by some scholars, which I don't think very likely, is associated with a census somewhat earlier than that in which Quirinius was apparently involved. I can't check that detail again since the book I got from ILL is now gone from campus.


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