Re: [asa] 31,000 scientists against global warming

From: Allan Harvey <>
Date: Fri Dec 04 2009 - 14:38:00 EST

There was a fair amount of publicity on this when it came out a couple years ago. The "Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine" (look it up on Wikipedia) is a front for the notorious Arthur Robinson. Their qualification to be a "scientist" was pretty loose -- B.S. in some science-related field, I think. Somebody did spot checks on the list and found dentists, a TV weatherman, etc.


There have been similar dubious "lists" produced by creationist organizations in the past, leading to "Project Steve":

where they only asked people named "Steve" (the name was picked to honor Stephen Gould) with doctorates in relevant fields to affirm the validity of evolution, and their list of only Steves had more biologists than the long creationist lists.


Maybe climate science needs something similar -- "project John" for Houghton or even "project Al" for Mr. Gore. Or maybe people just need to stop paying attention to fringe propaganda outfits like Robinson's Oregon Institute.


Allan (ASA Member)

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