Re: a modest proposal [was: Re: [asa] Phil Jones Stepping Down..]

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Thu Dec 03 2009 - 16:14:42 EST

Hi Michael,

I wonder if you might not have misconstrued Don's point?

Personally, I'd like him to clarify what are the referents intended by "you" and "them" in the question;

"What if you feel you can't trust them?"

To my mind, this could translate as;

What if one feels one can't trust the data?


What if you (Rich Bline) feel you can't trust "them" (the "replacement" scientists proposed by Don)?

I'm not sure which of the two Don was asking - perhaps he was even asking something different again?

Don might like to clarify this - but I think, either way, if the issue is primarily one of trust - such that the evidentiary bar is going to be raised ever higher - then we can just forget the science right now and simply slug it out.

He who wins gets to write the history, and all that...


> Don
> You say you "feel" you cant trust the data. Please give REASONS why you
> cannot trust the data.

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