Re: [asa] Doubting science

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Thu Dec 03 2009 - 00:35:48 EST

Heya Jon,

I would further add another parallel between "Climategate" and "Evolution":
The tendency of some people who boost evolution and climate change to
misrepresent what the science says, what science can say, and what impact
this should have on our lives.

There IS quite a lot of scandal and deceit with regards to evolution, even
if the underlying science is solid. And I think there's some amount of
scandal and deceit involved with AGW, even before getting into the fact of
AGW itself.

Maybe that's another parallel, that blind spot of the actual failings and
their relevance.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 11:46 PM, Jon Tandy <> wrote:

> I'm wondering if there isn't an analogy between the current "Climategate
> scandal" and a few high profile scandals in the evolution debate. In
> particular, there was the so-called "faking" of moths pinned to trees for
> purposes of photographing samples, when in reality Kettlewell's experiments
> don't show evidence of fraud (and have been duplicated by subsequent
> experiments). Then there were the fake fossils (Piltdown man, for instance)
> which are still trumpeted by anti-evolutionists as evidence that the whole
> establishment of evolution is similarly fraught with scandal and deceit.
> Yet despite these appalling examples of moral and ethical failure, there is
> a tremendous amount of evidence from multiple lines of investigation that
> can't be swept away by reference to a few questionable or even falsified
> evidences.
> It seems that an unhealthy anti-science mentality is just perpetuated by
> the hysterical or polarizing reactions to such scientific frauds, deplorable
> though they may be.
> Jon Tandy

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