Re: [asa] Theology of AGW WAS The Climate Science Isn't Settled

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Wed Dec 02 2009 - 17:01:28 EST

I believe he's refering to my statement that the people who broke in were
such. I also expressed some queesiness and used the phrase "traficking in
stolen goods" with respect to quoting from the e-mails particularly when it
was used to bear negatively on the person who allegedly wrote the e-mail --
and even worse third parties. I tend to grant more leeway when it's used to
defend the person writing the e-mail. Different people will make different
calls on this and also do different media organizations. For example, Sean
Hannity along with Karl Rove expressed in my opinion legitimate disgust when
Gov. Palin's personal e-mails were stolen while wanting to get to the bottom
of these e-mails.

From what I've seen the calls here for an investigation while waiting for
the results of the same is a perfectly fine response. It's the lack of
waiting and prematurely imputing motives I took issue with.

Rich Blinne
Member ASA

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 2:43 PM, Iain Strachan <>wrote:

>> Except charges of corruption or worse are rife in this debate anyway, with
>> far less evidence. Notice the pattern of accusing people who are skeptical
>> of global warming of being "denialists" (let's see if that word pops up
>> right on this list), in the service of businesses that are actively trying
>> to obscure what they know is the truth, etc. That certainly doesn't mean the
>> tone of these debates should not improve, or that two wrongs make a right,
>> etc. But I will stress a point that seems to be quickly getting thrown down
>> the memory hole here: The immediate response to these leaked emails by some
>> people, including some people on this very list, was to label people as
>> thieves and felons for discussing their contents or distributing them.
> I'm very sorry to keep chipping in like this, but I really feel that this
> last statement of yours about what people on the list have supposedly said
> cannot go unchallenged.
> I do not recall ANYONE on the list saying that someone who discussed the
> contents of the emails or distributed them was a "thief or felon". If I am
> wrong about this, then please point me to the email in question. All I
> remember was that Keith Miller suggested strongly that it was unethical to
> redistribute stolen private emails. That is not the same as calling folks
> who discuss it "thieves and felons". Please explain how you got to that
> statement. I'm willing to retract this if you can point me to the exact
> email where this was said. If you can't then you should retract the
> statement because it is maligning people on the list.
> I also recall that I very strongly stated that the people who had STOLEN
> the emails were criminals and I stand by that statement. Much has been
> discussed about the Ninth Commandment and what it means - how one interprets
> it; is the Westminster Confession correct etc. But not one mention has
> been made of the fact that the availability of these emails has been because
> someone broke the Eighth Commandment. Thou Shalt Not Steal.
> I'm not accusing anyone on the list of stealing - but it is as clear as
> anything that the emails were stolen. I seem to recall somewhere Jesus
> saying something about a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Yet with all the
> crowing that is going on one might get the impression that the thieves
> (whoever they were) are being hailed as heroes.
> Now, for the moment, Schwarzwald, I am willing to believe that you wrote
> the phrase "thieves and felons" in the heat of the moment, without thinking
> about it. This is precisely the thing that got the CRU scientists into
> trouble and got them accused of conspiracy etc.
> As it happens, one of the women who attends my church home group works in
> the Geography department at Oxford University in a section researching
> Climate Change. She knows Phil Jones extremely well. The Communications
> manager at their department has instilled into them the following: "Every
> time you write an email imagine what it would look like on the front row of
> the tabloid newspaper". It's appalling that honest folk have to live under
> that kind of pressure.
> Iain

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