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From: Don Winterstein <>
Date: Wed Dec 02 2009 - 15:49:55 EST

Wow! You obviously have lots of global warming down there!


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  Iain Strachan wrote:
> Don,
> I take your point about "disappointment" over cooler temperatures.
> However, perhaps you might consider that this is because the average
> person (and indeed the press) isn't capable of looking at the long term
> picture. As you say support for AGW predictions would surely go up if
> people could actually feel the world getting warmer instead of cooler.

  In Australia we've had 13 years of drought, our major water reservoirs are below 30%, we have permanent water restrictions in all of our major cities.

  Temperatures for that period have been well above average.

  Many farmers haven't had a decent crop anytime in the last decade.

  In Melbourne we just had the warmest November on record, with an overnight low on the 18th of 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 deg C) (we won't get any "hot" weather for another month or so)

  Earlier this year we had some of the worst bush fires ever with several entire towns destroyed.

  I guess whether you notice the world getting warmer all depends where you sit, eh?


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