Re: [asa] Dawkins on the fossil record

From: Dennis Venema <>
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 18:08:24 EST


Have you even listened / viewed my ASA talk? The bit at the end is pretty clear where I stand on this issue. There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that the entire human race is derived genetically from two individuals. This is an idea maintained only for scientific concordist reasons, which I do not hold. Is that clear enough for you?

Your questions are not "uncomfortable." If I had something to hide why would I be giving recorded talks on the issue? People with something to hide wouldn't be using pseudonyms on this list. For example: is Gregory Arago your real name, Greg? Or are you using a pseudonym?

If you don't have "magical insight" please refrain from stating things like:

Greg: "You "believe a special creative act." Period.

Dennis Venema does not accept this. (Or if he does, he hides it under his polygenist naturalism-scientism.)"

On 01/12/09 2:45 PM, "Gregory Arago" <> wrote:


Is this going to be yet another example of you dodging a question?

I asked this:
"So, Dennis, then you are a polygenist. You reject monogenesis. Is that right?"

Let me be crystal clear that I suppose no 'magical insight.' But I do seem to ask questions that you find uncomfortable because you display a tendency to avoid them. I asked you about 'polygenesis' with honest curiousity. Please answer with such an attitude in return.

This is not distortion. It is reality. If you choose to post nothing of substance here, that is your own choice.


From: Dennis Venema <>
To: Gregory Arago <>; Terry M. Gray <>; AmericanScientificAffiliation <>
Sent: Wed, December 2, 2009 12:12:22 AM
Subject: Re: [asa] Dawkins on the fossil record


Greg, as many have complained about to you before, you do not have magical insight into other people's thoughts or beliefs. Part of the reluctance I have for posting anything of substance here is that folks like you quickly distort it.


On 01/12/09 12:43 PM, "Gregory Arago" <> wrote:

Terry Gray wrote:
"For example, my own view of human origins allows for common descent of our biological form, but I believe a special creative act is required for our full humanity in the image of God (say, in the creation of the human soul)."

So, in this *moment* you ARE an anti-evolutionist or a non-evolutionist. You "believe a special creative act." Period.

Dennis Venema does not accept this. (Or if he does, he hides it under his polygenist naturalism-scientism.)

Naturalists who plead for continuity at *all* costs do not accept this.

It is a brave thing for you as a scientist to say this Terry!

Richard Dawkins would call you names for saying so.

But then again, really, who is Richard Dawkins?!


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