RE: [asa] Friend of the ASA?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 16:18:48 EST

The fact that there was some context for this is one reason why we haven't
simply put you on "read-only" at this point.
Earlier this year, Bernie, we shut down a particular thread you were part
of for similar reasons. The ASA is about advancing a positive understanding
of Christianity and science, and this list is one way we can serve our
members--who want to do that, and who want to share ideas and perspectives
that may be helpful to others who want to do that. Forgive me, Bernie, for
putting this into capital letters (the equivalent of shouting
electronically), but you don't seem to be getting the message: THIS LIST IS
Is this clear enough for you, Bernie? If not, we can show you the door.
You seem to be involved here at this point only to advance your own agenda,
by constantly criticizing views that you imagine all Christians must hold,
and by then giving trite replies to those views (which in many cases are
straw men) peppered sometimes with comments such as those below (which
aren't the only examples). You do not seem very often to be engaged in
genuine inquiry, in which you are open to learning more about some of the
helpful ideas of ASA members and others who post here. You demand short
replies--the equivalent of sound bites--rather than suggestions of serious
writings for further study. You then jump quickly to simplistic conclusions
that might satisfy you, in your current religious commitment, while ignoring
the substance of what many say in their responses to your questions and
comments. More than a few of our members on this list have complained to me
privately about this, but I don't believe in shutting someone out simply b/c
their posts might not be very interesting. I do believe, however, in
upholding the mission and purpose of the ASA in our own back yard. If you
don't think you can do that--if your purpose here is not consistent with
that--then you can find other places to talk about these things.
That is all I have to say about this, Bernie. I am not inviting a

Ted (ASA president)

>>> "Dehler, Bernie" <> 12/1/2009 3:54 PM >>>

Ted said:
“In our opinion, Bernie, this constitutes an aggressive advocacy of atheism
which is not part of the mission of this list. If you do not stop these kind
of comments immediately and permanently, we’ll put you on read-only. “
So next time Moorad or somebody asks me what I think, instead of honestly
and bluntly telling them, I have to say “sorry, that’s not allowed on this
list.” Is that correct? Because that’s what happened, if you look at the
context. It was a short email answering his questions.

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