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Also note that all the "out-of-place" fossils trumpeted by creationists to disprove do nothing of the sort and are only trivial differences to older views eg coelacanth.
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  Terry wrote:

    I'm making my way through Richard Dawkins', "The Greatest Show on Earth". There's a bit of anti-YEC rhetoric--he calls them history deniers (I'm not so sure that YEC's themselves would reject his label). But aside from that, so far, it's a thoroughly enjoyable read and in my opinion an excellent presentation of the arguments for evolution.

    Here's a section from Chapter 6 "Missing Link? What Do You Mean, 'Missing'?

  In general, I agree that the sequence of fossils preserved (and so far discovered and described) in the rock record are a powerful argument for common descent. Dawkins claim that -- "Yes, there are gaps, where there are no fossils at all, and that is only to be expected. But not a single solitary fossil has ever been found before it could have evolved" is also I think a valid one. For me the general patterns observed in the fossil record are very strong evidence for common descent. I am frustrated when the fossil record is often portrayed as the weak link in evidence for common descent.

  It is such a shame that Dawkins cannot resist interjecting his evangelical atheism into his public presentation of science. He could otherwise be a great and effective popularizer of science -- instead he has become one of the greatest causes for the public rejection of evolutionary science.


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