Re: [asa] Dawkins on the fossil record

From: Dennis Venema <>
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 16:12:22 EST


Greg, as many have complained about to you before, you do not have magical insight into other people's thoughts or beliefs. Part of the reluctance I have for posting anything of substance here is that folks like you quickly distort it.


On 01/12/09 12:43 PM, "Gregory Arago" <> wrote:

Terry Gray wrote:
"For example, my own view of human origins allows for common descent of our biological form, but I believe a special creative act is required for our full humanity in the image of God (say, in the creation of the human soul)."

So, in this *moment* you ARE an anti-evolutionist or a non-evolutionist. You "believe a special creative act." Period.

Dennis Venema does not accept this. (Or if he does, he hides it under his polygenist naturalism-scientism.)

Naturalists who plead for continuity at *all* costs do not accept this.

It is a brave thing for you as a scientist to say this Terry!

Richard Dawkins would call you names for saying so.

But then again, really, who is Richard Dawkins?!


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