[asa] Friend of the ASA?

From: Ryan Rasmussen, P.E. <Ryan.Rasmussen@pulte.com>
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 14:46:43 EST

Is it time to create a new membership category? "Friend of the ASA" doesn't seem to fit some of the thoughts presented here.

"I have plans to write about that now, as well as how to evangelize Christians to atheism (de-programming)."

"Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? Legend mostly."

"I think Christ is a placebo."

"I have extensive apologetics and evangelism training. I plan to use that for atheism."

"So my new hobby will be atheistic evangelism (which I would do under the banner of secular humanism, which the focus on 'humanism')."

"After dumping Christianity, and seeing life this way, the myth and superstitions of Scripture seem to jump out more vividly for me."

"Thinking that we go from one extreme to another is a convenient way to write us off. Why don't you instead engage in content?" [Just had to add this one for the ironic value of it all.]

"If you could answer concisely I'd appreciate it. I'm afraid of getting a rambling sermon in response from some people."

"Faith healer dies at age 57 of cancer...


I wonder if he changed his mind about faith healing before he died... on his deathbed... or if he was waiting for his miracle all the way up to the bitter end..."

"2 Corinthians 10:5 (alt. version for cowards)
We avoid all arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we ignore every thought in order to be obedient to Christ."

"I have no intention of trying to be an irritant, harping on some point over and over." [More irony.]

"Sure, you can write it off as stupid (Christian) people interpreting the Bible incorrectly. But maybe there's some place for blaming God (if he exists) and Scripture for being so unclear?"

"I think the simpleton approach, likely the Catholic approach, is to say that it is wrong to take one's life in all cases; no exceptions."

"As I build my case against Christianity, those will be the two foundations, I think... because it strikes at the heart of Christianity (atonement and resurrection). The reason I'm building a case is because if I'm going to be an anti-Christ (but still a good person), I better have a good reason for it."

"I'm registered as a 'friend of the ASA.' If you want friends, you should treat them as such (respectfully)."

"If you don't want to have a respectful discussion I wish you would just keep your thoughts to yourself. I don't need to hear your abuse."

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