Re: [asa] AGW discussion

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 15:09:13 EST

Hi Rich,

I'm glad you mention Arrhenius - and very appreciative of this quite comprehensive summary.

For my money, it's significant that the warming effect of C02 was known long before GW was floated as a theory - so what we're dealing with is confirmation of theoretical science carried out long before the current day.

A very weighty point in favour of the Anthropogenic GW position, in my view.

As a trivial point of interest: Arrhenius came across his understanding of the Co2 effect when he was approached by another scientist with an interest in global cooling (the study of Ice Ages, to be exact) in order to determine if there was a connection between global cooling and C02. It was only as a matter of scientific curiosity that Arrhenius ran the figures the other way, and proposed that CO2 levels could also correlate with global warming. It's probably this focus upon the occurrence of Ice Ages which lead Arrhenius to propose that burning of fossil fuels would counter future global cooling. Had global warming been on his radar screen, he might have recognized the possibility of the situation we face today.


Rich Blinne wrote:
> We've known causation for quite some time. Back in 1898 Svante Arrhenius
> published a paper on how temperature went up logarithmically with CO2
> concentrations.

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