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Date: Tue Dec 01 2009 - 12:27:36 EST

I don't think you can really ratchet through it unless the ratchet has huge notches such as YEC, OEC, TE. On a smaller ratchet scale, there are discontinuities. For example, a young earther can't accept an ancient earth, no matter the evidence. If they accept it, they become an old earther. It is a state or phase jump. An old earther rejects evolution as a design process, because they see God as making humans 'de novo,' no matter the evidence. If they accept the evidence of evolution, they become a version of TE (a state jump). Once a TE, there are various ratcheting positions (and probably also within YEC and OEC). I didn't refresh my memory by again listening to the presentation, so I'm not sure of the details from Dennis. I agree there is a sliding/ratcheting process, as I went from it with NA -> YEC/OEC -> ID -> TE -> AE (NA= not applicable, AE is atheistic evolutionist).


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Hi Steve,

thanks for sending this direct - I do tend to be pretty hit-and-miss here.

The term is one I coined - to describe what I see as a phenomenon in scientific concordist approaches to Scripture.


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Hi all,

I was interested in Dennis Venema's term "Ratcheting Concordism" at the ASA meeting. (see presentation slides here <> & audio here <> ... his brief mention of ratcheting concordism occurs around 36:00 min time).

Dennis describes ratcheting concordism as a scriptural concordist strategy that, when in the face of overwhelming evidence, will ratchet over one position and lock in there (until the next batch of evidence comes along).

Now, I know Dennis isn't a theologian but I'm intrigued by that term ... & I think it is helpful (not like I'm showing my cards here :-) ). I'm wondering a) if this is a new term and b) if others think this is helpful. I would especially be interested in hearing comments from those who believe that some historical and/or scientific concordism is important &/or essential for interpreting Gen 1-11 if we are to hold a high view of scripture.

cc'ing Dennis too ... not sure if you are as hit-and-miss on this list as I am.

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