Re: [asa] AGW discussion

From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Fri Nov 27 2009 - 16:41:37 EST

It doesn't seem right to have two against one. Maybe Glenn should be allowed
to pick a partner.

On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 10:18 AM, Dave Wallace <>wrote:

> Rich, Terry, Randy, Ted
> I would like to propose a discussion of the AGW science between:
> -Glenn Morton, a former member of this list, taking the con. He accepted
> AGW in the past but is now skeptical.
> -Randy and Rich taking the pro side, we have heard some of their positions
> recently on the list.
> To my mind in order to have a reasonable discussion the ability to show
> graphs, tables, pictures etc is essential, so I suggest we use one of the
> blogging services on the web that supports such. All posts and comments
> would be moderated prior to posting and would be limited to say 1 a day plus
> minor clarifications from each side. Only comments from the moderators or
> the three participants would be allowed on the blog. List members with
> questions could send them to the list and the moderators or participants
> could decide whether to take them up or not. Moderators would be Ted and
> Terry although I think David Opderbeck would be good if we could get him.
> I should point out to people that both Glenn and Rich, at one point did not
> accept an evolutionary origin for life and now do. Thus if enough data is
> thrown at them they have in the past changed their positions.
> Dave W
> ps I copied Glenn and while I did not run this particular proposal past
> him, I think he would be willing. Glenn's GW web side is:
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