[asa] AGW discussion

From: Dave Wallace <wmdavid.wallace@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Nov 27 2009 - 11:18:06 EST

Rich, Terry, Randy, Ted

I would like to propose a discussion of the AGW science between:

-Glenn Morton, a former member of this list, taking the con. He
accepted AGW in the past but is now skeptical.

-Randy and Rich taking the pro side, we have heard some of their
positions recently on the list.

To my mind in order to have a reasonable discussion the ability to show
graphs, tables, pictures etc is essential, so I suggest we use one of
the blogging services on the web that supports such. All posts and
comments would be moderated prior to posting and would be limited to say
1 a day plus minor clarifications from each side. Only comments from
the moderators or the three participants would be allowed on the blog.
List members with questions could send them to the list and the
moderators or participants could decide whether to take them up or not.
Moderators would be Ted and Terry although I think David Opderbeck would
be good if we could get him.

I should point out to people that both Glenn and Rich, at one point did
not accept an evolutionary origin for life and now do. Thus if enough
data is thrown at them they have in the past changed their positions.

Dave W
ps I copied Glenn and while I did not run this particular proposal past
him, I think he would be willing. Glenn's GW web side is:

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