Re: [asa] Manhattan Declaration

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Wed Nov 25 2009 - 19:55:08 EST


My last response for the day. I could be over the limit here, I'll make this

I don't think it's fair for Dembski to play the particular card he is here.
In part because I'm pretty sure this declaration is very recent - if this
were months later and there was a dearth of TEs signing on to the
declaration, I think he'd have some ground to point it out. As it stands, I
don't like the move. But that said, I heartily endorse the declaration - so
as I said, here's one TE who rushed to sign the thing.

On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 6:06 PM, Ted Davis <> wrote:

> I signed it as soon as I learned about it--3 minutes ago. I have to
> wonder, how many people in the TE category were approached and invited to
> sign?
> I do this, of course, as an individual and not as an ASA officer. I say
> this only b/c of the fact that this conversation is happening on an
> ASA-owned list.
> I can see where some people might define the sanctity of life in slightly
> different ways from others. If it means that I would always oppose any act
> of abortion, under any circumstances, than I myself would not agree with it.
> I know women, e.g., who had legal abortions long before Roe v Wade, b/c
> their lives truly were in danger if they carried the child for 9 months.
> And, I mentioned before on this list the deeply troubling situation faced
> by many Cypriot women in a given case of a genetically linked illness that
> terrorizes families. I believe that nearly all abortions are immoral, but
> that some are morally permissible. With that understanding, I signed it.
> Ted

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