Re: [asa] Manhattan Declaration

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Wed Nov 25 2009 - 18:01:18 EST

Dave Wallace wrote:
> This looks like something we should discuss that is not related to the
> sign that the Magi saw or purloined emails. I suspect some would
> strongly object to some parts of the declaration.
> It does not look appropriate for those not from the USofA to sign.

Hi Dave,

Over my limit, again, but felt that you'd like my non-US perspective;

1) Okay, I think, for any Christian to have an opinion on the issues at
hand - with my non-US hat on the issues do seem to weigh toward those of
a particular demographic - which might explain the phenomenon commented
on by Dembski.

2) I agree that it is quite inappropriate for those not from the US to sign.

Other than that - good remark from Gordon Brown, I think. Prior to
evaluating the value of Dembksi's criticism, one would want to know who
was invited to sign, and how that invitation was issued.

Out of here for the day, again :)


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