Re: [asa] Ottawa Citizen: The Skeptics Are Vindicated

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Wed Nov 25 2009 - 11:23:44 EST
When I saw the subject line I immediately flipped ahead to read what was being said and in doing so I missed the line indicating who the author was.  However long before I reached the end of the opinion piece I figured it was warren.  Bringing up my browser with a window tab containing to today's citizen I clicked on the opinion page and found nothing by warren.  Then I did a search of the citizen and nothing turned up.  Since IMO the citizen tends to be in fairly strong favor of the AGW theory it appears that a good supposition is that it was pulled for political reasons although they might have had legal concerns.   Unless it truly was legal concerns I find this rather concerning.  I just clicked on the list of columnists and then on David Warrens picture and low and behold the piece is there after all, so they did not kill the piece but buried it, of course it could also be a web glitch which is not uncommon for our paper. 

I did find one other site on the web that carried the article. 

Even David Warrens own site has not been updated when I last checked, with the opinion piece:

A few observations on Warren:

-he grew up in Pakistan, and as I recall knew one or two of the recent leaders of Pakistan as children or at university

-he is a Christian (of the RC persuasion as of a few years back)

-he is one of the few columnists of his particular political persuasion that regularly write for our local paper

Bill Powers summary of the pros and cons of AGW seems pretty good!

I think we need to wait for a better in depth analysis of the contents of these emails before a real judgment can be made.  Yes it looks bad now but further analysis may change that judgment.   

A few months ago it was reported that raw data was being denied to researchers who do not support AGW.  Normal science allows other scientists to review the data and draw their own conclusions. As I recall CRU was involved again and they claimed they were given the data in confidence.  Fine then to my mind at least the way to proceed is to create a well funded group on the inside whose mission is to attempt to prove AGW false.   Maybe naive but I have seen a fair size division of a large company whose mission essentially became that wrt a large future development project.

Dave W
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